Operation Black Owl Baker Four Eight Fifteen Sixteen Twenty-Three Fourty-Two, AKA Turning my Mom into a geek

My mom and I get along beautifully, always have. We’ve always enjoyed doing stuff together. For example, whenever I’m feeling especially hormonal and fat, Mom and I will get cuddled up on the couch with blankets and all the lights off and watch Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility, or, if worst comes to worse, Wuthering Heights. That always makes me feel better. Mom and I are so similar in so many ways. But In others, we couldn’t be more different. Take TV shows for example. She has no desire to watch Doctor Who, or Merlin, but yet she loves Sherlock and Lost. Like seriously… really, really likes them. Doesn’t make much sense. She also cannot stand The Hunger Games, but Likes LOTR. I finally got her onto Harry Potter and guess what? She’s addicted! 0.0 Ridiculoso!!! Oh, and last week, I got her onto Batman and she’s into it… It appears as if my Mother is turning into a geek. 😀 It’s awesome!

In other news, I fell in love with this song… Like seriously, really fell in love with this song. In my opinion, sober, in the context of this song, doesn’t just apply to drinking. It’s so much more than that. I am an extremely deep thinker, I think it’s a curse a lot of the time.  I over think stuff and stress myself out. I want to not over think everything so much. I want to think sober. No idea if that makes any sense or not. Forgive me if it doesn’t. It’s been a LONG week. 😉


College applications, The end of the world (as we know it), and Sherlock delays

College. The thing that kids outwardly can’t wait for, but inwardly dread. When you’re a teenager, your feelings get more complicated. Half of you wants to “hurry up and grow up already!!”, but the other half wants to just stay frozen in that wonderful sixteen year period when most of your decisions are made for you and your mama can make anything better (if only for a little while). Or at least that’s how it is for me. Turning eighteen is NOT all it’s made up to be. It’s as if all of a sudden you’re pulled out of a lifelong dream and then immediately forced to start making decisions (scary decisions) that will affect the rest of your life. And no matter what choice you make, someone you love is always gonna be disappointed with it. But you always, always have to do whats best for YOU.  99% of the time people will forgive you for making a decision they don’t agree with, but rarely do you ever forgive yourself for choosing something you didn’t want to choose in the first place. Just a thought. ❤


So on a totally unrelated note, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 8 years, you’ve probably heard that the world is supposed to end on December 21st 2012. So, Supposedly we have 21 days left on this earth before everything goes BOOM BOOM”. Bute guess what? I don’t think it’s gonna happen then! I believe the world is gonna end when God says it will. And I have no idea when he’s gonna say it will, and I don’t want to know.:) That is ALL I have to say about the whole “Doomsday 2012” thing. I’m simply sick of hearing about it.


And last but not least… They are delaying the airing of the next episode of Sherlock until 2014… 2014. YO. And If y’all have seen “The Reichenbach Fall”, you will understand why I am so aggravated at the BBC people… First they Cancel Merlin, then push back Sherlock, and if they EVEN THINK about messing with Doctor Who, I’ll have a hissy fit… Just saying.  They’re messing with all of my favorite shows one. by. one. Not Cool BBC.

Not. Cool.

‘Ello World

               So… Since this is my first post, though I highly doubt anyone’s ever gonna read this, I figured I’d better tell y’all a bit about me.

  1. I’m a G.R.I.T. and proud of it! (Girl raised in the south for all y’all Yankee’s out thar on the inter-webs.)
  2. My years on this earth amount to approximately 18 years and 2 months. 
  3. In my opinion there is nothing that a good book, good music, and a good cry can’t fix. Oh, and coffee… Coffee always helps.:)
  4. I’m a bookworm and though I can devour basically any book you put in front of me, I absolutely LOVE “Wuthering Heights”, “Little Women”, “Lord of The Rings”, anything by Edgar Allen Poe, and the list could go on and on…
  5. I’ve been a closeted geek for most of my teenage years and finally this past spring, I got utterly exhausted of trying to come off as someone I’m not. So now, “I’ve got weird thoughts in my head and I ain’t afraid to show ’em. I’M GEEKY AND I KNOW IT!!!”
  6. I have a slight, very, very, slight (cough cough *major* cough cough) obsession with British t.v shows (Merlin, Sherlock, Downton Abbey), and British music (Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Noah and The Whale) and British actors (six words: Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbutch, & David Tennant ). But I own it:3
  7. I’m a Whovian. ‘Nuff said. If you don’t know what that is; kindly get off my blog. Thank you.:)
  8. Music is my life, and I love it more than I can ever express. ❤
  9. I’m a Christian and proud to say it.
  10. I’m single and am not ashamed of it… I’ll get a guy when the time is right.;)